The Laser Story


Laser Images is a family owned brick and mortar store that has been located in Pensacola, Florida since 1989.  Laser Images started out as a kiosk in Cordova Mall where local residents could come and have their photos reproduced on a cutting edge Laser Printer and put on novelty gift items such as mugs and t-shirts.


As the business started to grow, Laser Images needed more room so in

the store moved to a larger building located at 9th and Fairfield.  At this point, technology began evolving and Laser Images became the leading source for digital printing and capture in the Pensacola area.   Laser Images began working with Adobe Photoshop to restore and improve old photos.   At this time Laser Images also began doing Fine Art Giclee Printing with Print Maker Adam Clark.   Adam, who has a degree in photography, underwent extensive training in color correction and capture of Fine Artwork.  In addition, Laser Images entered the world of digital photography with the first commercially available Apple Quicktake Camera.

Today Laser Images remains at the forefront of photo and Fine Art Printing in Pensacola.  We use the finest Epson Inks and Papers to ensure the archival quality of everything we print.  We also use the latest Adobe digital software so we can make your image the best it can be.


Laser Images

1801 Creighton Rd.

Pensacola, FL 32504

Phone   (850) 435-7373

Fax       (850) 435-7550