We scan a variety of media at Laser images including printed photo images, slides and film negatives,  including 35 mm,  medium format, large format and glass plate negatives.  Whatever the media we do a high quality, high resolution scan (at least 300 dpi) and then take the image into Adobe Photoshop and do basic color adjustment and light restoration.  If an image is in particularly bad condition full restoration is available upon request.   All images are provided to the customer on a CD, DVD or thumb drive according to the customer's preference.

Slide Scanning Pricing


$4.95 each


Special Multi Slide Discount


$1.99 each for 20 or more slides

Film Negative Pricing


$7.95 each

Printed Photo Scanning Pricing


$4.95 each


Special Multiple Picture Discount


$1.99 for 20 or more pictures

Laser Images

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